Sept 14 – bush regen, Katoomba

14th September 2019

Want to spend a day or a weekend with other A Rocha people helping to control weeds and restore native bush and swamps on the edge of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area? A Rocha Australia has teamed up with KCCC to offer this event.

When: ​Saturday 14 September 2019

Location: Katoomba Christian Convention Centre, 119 Cliff Dr, Katoomba

8:20am – Meet at the office
8:30am – Devotions
9:00am – Tasks and teams assigned
11:00am – Morning Tea (provided by KCC)
1:00pm – Lunch (provided by KCC)
5:00pm – Pack up

*Free accommodation is available on Friday and Saturday night.

Postscript: we had a great weekend!

Here is a list of the weeds we targeted: scotch broom, agapathus blackberry, tutsan, montbretia, Japanese and Himalayan honeysuckle. Some holly, ivy and cotoneaster were also controlled on the weekend. We also planted some tubestock along the creekline to improve the resilience and functionality of the site, and we did some maintenance on some previous planting sites including mulching.

We had a great time of fellowship and a group on Sunday visited The Gully Aboriginal Place nearby to learn about the local history, impacts of stolen generations and land redevelopment, and the environmental restoration of the swamp onsite.

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