Cassinia Environmental collaboration

About this collaboration

A Memorandum of Understanding signed by A Rocha Australia and Cassinia Environmental in October 2018 formalizes a collaboration on nature conservation in the context of creation care. Cassinia has undertaken to make financial contributions to A Rocha Australia in exchange for conduct and reporting of nature conservation activities, such as scientific research on biodiversity on Cassinia property.

Through the collaboration, Cassinia and A Rocha Australia will also contribute to developing the environmental community’s understanding of the relevance of Christian belief, and the Christian church’s understanding of its Biblical responsibilities, with respect to conservation and care of the natural environment.

Cassinia Environmental was founded in 2000 to discover new ways of funding conservation reserves through the marketing of environmental services. A pioneer in carbon farming in Australia, the focus has always been on ensuring that biodiversity and other ecological value is enhanced, not compromised, by carbon projects.

For more information about Cassinia’s covenanting, see this Trust for Nature (Victoria) article.

Would you like to contribute some time, assistance (and environmental expertise if you have some) to this collaboration? Click here to let us know how you would like to be involved.

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